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A Born Coward [Karezi]
The rain splashed against the wet pavement, bouncing once on the surface and then rolling like a small stream into the sides of the road and the sewers. A small puddle had gathered on the sidewalk, which was covered in endless ripples. A black rainboot stepped into it, creating a large splash. Then it continued to ripple softly as the pedestrian passed.
A 21-year old young man was taking a leisurely stroll through town on this fine rainy day, holding a crimson, floppy umbrella over his head. The color only made his white hair stand out even more than usual. The umbrella didn’t do much for coverage, since his hair was already speckled with millions of raindrops. His dull red eyes following the path before him to make sure he didn’t step into anymore puddled. He walked on, his heart as heavy as the weather.
Karkat Vantas was more than positive his life was a mess. Although the matter was thought to have been settled a long time ago, it didn’t feel like so. She was const
:iconhomestuck-fanfics:Homestuck-FanFics 7 4
Mr. Talkative: Chapter 1 [ToS: Kranna]
            Chapter 1: Question and Answer
            On the day Kratos first rescued Anna from the ranch, talking to him was like trying to make conversation with a brick.
            At first, she was just so shocked that someone like him would even bother trying to save her. According to what she had been hearing around the ranch, she was “of great importance” and “precious to the Angelus project”. He seemed so enchanting, as if she was her guardian angel that had come to save her from destruction. Then, she regained her proper conscience and her burning curiosity came crawling back to her.
            The only things he answered were the important questions, which were mainly all of the questions she had asked, but he refused to respond to one. It seriously was frustrating her, because in her mind set, it was the question that needed the m
:iconhomestuck-fanfics:Homestuck-FanFics 4 1
38. Nightmare [John X Reader]
"[Y/N], h-help me! I'm d...dying..."


John's blood splattered like thick paint, staining the ground a sickly, disturbing dark red.

You screamed.

You suddenly woke up in your bed, covered flashes of heat. Small beads of a cold sweat were rolling down your stiff neck. Your eyes faced the ceiling, only listening to your intense, thumping heart beat. You continued to lay frozen on your back, dried tears on the sides of your face and reddened cheeks.
You slowly sat up, looking at the clock. 1:08 AM. You breathed heavily, clutching your blankets. This was a terrible time to wake up, especially after such a terrible nightmare. This was the first time you had such a frightening nightmare in the longest time. You saw something red flash near the door, and yo
:iconhomestuck-fanfics:Homestuck-FanFics 213 46
130. Collide [Lil Hal X Reader]
timaeusTestified began pestering chumHandle at 10:30 PM
TT: Good night.
CH: Wow, I didn't expect this. How did you know I was about to go to sleep? Is this strictly for, ahem, "ironic purposes"?
TT: No.
CH: OH. Sorry. Well, good night as well, Lil Hal.
TT: You have nothing to apologize for. What would you say sorry anyways? Thinking for a second that I'm void of all emotions and don't base my actions off of them? Everyone's said it. Especially Jake.
CH: Yeah. Sorry...
TT: I said you have nothing to apologize for. Calm your shit. And don't say sorry.
CH: Okay, okay. Hey, can I say something crazy for a second?
TT: I've probably read crazier. What's on your mind?
CH: Sometimes I feel like you're more mature than the real Dirk.
TT: You do realize I'm technically younger than him, right? In case you've forgotten, I'm the 13 year old version of himself. Apparently I'm goin
:iconhomestuck-fanfics:Homestuck-FanFics 199 61
1. Crash [Dave X Reader]
Short key:
[Y/P]: means "Your Pesterchum", chumhandle, whatever.
"I wanna see you..."
You looked at the background on your phone. It was a picture of you and Dave at the cherry blossom festival last year. It was so beautiful (romantic). You sighed, wondering when it was you saw him last. You and Dave haven't been able to see each other in the longest time because of both of your busy schedules. You both texted each other sometimes before you went to sleep, yes, but it wasn't enough. You just wanted to meet up with your boyfriend and snuggle with him or something—you were sure that wasn't too much to ask.
You opened your Pesterchum app and scrolled through your last conversation with your boyfriend, wondering when you last talked before now. There were little talks scattered around the past months.
TG: Hey
TG: by the way I miss you
TG: Wait I mean
TG: No fuck it I miss you
TG: If I said anything else I'd be lying 
[Y/P]: I miss you too
[Y/P]: And
[Y/P]: I can't
:iconhomestuck-fanfics:Homestuck-FanFics 193 193
Raspberry Kisses [John X Reader]
He leaned in closer, rendering you frozen beyond compare. He was so close you could see the black rim around his pupils and the brilliant blue specks scattered through his eyes.
Why the hell were you in the janitor's closet with him, of all people? Well, that didn't matter now...
He faintly smelled like a soft fragrance of lilac fabric softener, his breath resting on your lips.
The next thing you knew, you could only taste...
You flipped your eyes open, waking up to face your blank ceiling. A few heavy breaths left your throat, and the only thing you saw was your blank, boring ceiling.
You subconsciously brought your fingertips up to your lips, feeling your face heat up with so many shades of pinkish red. A small squeak escaped your throat as your dove into your blankets, covering your blushing face. You suppose you would have to register this dream in the notebook, too.
Hopping out of bed and running to your white
:iconhomestuck-fanfics:Homestuck-FanFics 340 116
Little Talks [Eridan X Reader]
Little Talks [Eridan X Reader]
"Hey, [Name]?"
"Yeah, Eri?"
"Are you sure your parents aren't mad at me or somethin'? I'm gettin' the disapprovval vvibe from 'em.
"I don't know, dear. If you're worried if I'll stop loving you, then that's something you really don't have to fret about."
"No, that's not wwhat I'm wworried about here. WWhat if they wwon't let us continue our relationship?"
"Let us continue our relationship? Well, they've accepted you for seven years, I'm sure they can stand it for another seventy."
"Are you sayin' wwe'll only be together for sevventy-sevven years?"
"If life allows it, then I wish we will be together longer. I'm not adding in the eternity after death, obviously. I intend to spend my time with you when my life's over, too."
"You knoww, evven if you didn't wwant me around, I wwould bother you anywway."
"...By the wway, on the topic of parents...Havve you told your parents about our marriage?"
"Uh...Not exactly. I guess I'm ju
:iconhomestuck-fanfics:Homestuck-FanFics 179 35
You're Beautiful [Suicidal!Dave X Reader]
You're Beautiful [Suicidal!Dave X Reader]
I did not mark this as mature so others that do not have a deviantart can see this. Once again, if you are not okay with suicidal themes, please don't read this.
Yawning, you creaked open the front door to Dave's house, making sure to be as silent as you could when closing the door shut. You decided you were going to surprise him, and you had to suppress giggles just thinking about it. You clearly had hung out with John too much today, otherwise you wouldn't be thinking about sneaking up on Dave. 
Slipping off your sneakers, you tiptoed up the stairs, grateful he was living alone for the time being. His bro, Dirk, was away at the comic con this weekend. Dave didn't want to come (which parti
:iconhomestuck-fanfics:Homestuck-FanFics 471 96
The Last Ones Left [Sadstuck] {Eridan X Feferi}
**384 sweeps**
"Yeah, Fef?"
"Please, never leave me..."
"I'll stay wwith you, forevver. I promise."
Unkept promises.
The two lonely sea dwellers sat on the perimeter of their meteor, surround by empty, soulless abyss that was the darkness of space. Eridan had his cape wrapped about the both of them, encasing them in the fabric. They were hungry for each other's presence, since, well... They were the last two left—literally.
Every one of their dear friends and family died, and it's been so many sweeps since they've last talked to them. Hundreds and hundreds of sweeps ago, that it was like they were never there. But, no. They were too precious to the both of them to ever forget. Far too precious...
At one point in time, it was too painful for Eridan to go on anymore. He just wanted to get his damned life over with so he could see them in the dream bubbles again, and tried to drown himself in the emptiness of space. To fall, an
:iconhomestuck-fanfics:Homestuck-FanFics 79 44
Drunken Daves [Drunk!Dave X Reader]
Drunken Dave [Drunk!Dave X Reader]
"Holy fucking shit Dave, you don't look so hot! What happened?"
"[N- *Hic!* -Name]. The―the SHIT, YEAH, happened."
"That's not an answer!"
"Ff―fine, I took a LITTLE sip of alcohol."
"Oh. My. God-- A LITTLE SIP MY ASS!"
What the hell were you doing all up in this mess? What did you ever do to deserve this sort of torture?! What went so wrong that Dave turned out this...this...
It all started when John switched the apple juice and the alcohol at Dave's house. Sadly enough, you were there with him, and when you got there, he was dancing in front of a TV with the cooking channel on. (Was it twerking? No, you couldn't even classify his dance moves.) You had screamed a little bit before questioning him what had happened, bringing you to the present.
He also had requested to go to his room so he could show you his new sick beats, but you've read enough fanfics to know wher
:iconhomestuck-fanfics:Homestuck-FanFics 484 120
Three In The Morning [The Midnight Crew]
❦♡ ♢ ♤ ♧❦
Masking themselves with the blackest midnight colors,
Shrouded with the deepest of the unsolved mysteries and unanswered questions,
They slaughter their enemies without words,

♛  without  M E R C Y,
♜  without  G R I E F,
♝  without  H E S I S T A T I O N,
♞  without  E M O T I O N. . .

They're the ones to send people to their cold stone graves and lock them forever in their spiked coffins.
They run this town, and no one even dares to protest,
because if they do, they know they'll be sent six feet under the blood stained ground.
Their hands have invisible blood stains from all over the cursed hemospectrum,
cursed with the whispers of murder
:iconhomestuck-fanfics:Homestuck-FanFics 11 2
Reasons We Love Homestuck
“Reasons we love H O M E S T U C K.”

[Free-style poem]
Why do this love this web comic, you ask?
Maybe it’s just the way the fandom rolls,
or how mean Andrew Hussie trolls.
It could possibly be Eridan’s accent (WWyeh?)
or even Feferi’s keyboard trident. (---E)
Some people say it’s Equius’ broken bows and arrows, ( D →)
but what about Nepeta’s meows and roleplays? (:33 <)
We really do love Sollux’s lisp,
and also when Karkat’s pissed. (FUCKASS!)
Including Kanaya's fabulous lipstick,
it's also Rose's amazing magic.
How about when Dave starts rapping
and Jade Harley begins napping?
We love Vriska’s eight-pupiled eye,
and how John is such an adorable guy.
Or maybe it’s with all the sprites
or how prospit glows bright.
Can’t forget about Derse’s darkness
or Gamzee and all his soberness. (WHOOPS.)
There’s also this thing with Tav and stairs
which he t
:iconhomestuck-fanfics:Homestuck-FanFics 643 106
Swweet WWhispers {Eridan X Reader}
"Swweet WWhispers." {Eridan x Reader} 
『Overdoses of fluffies & adorable sweetness.』
"Havve I evver told you howw beautiful you are?"
"Plenty of times, my dear."
There was the cafe, with the soft mumblings of society sitting amongst you two. There was a sharp scent of crisp coffee beans and wafting smell of sweet, melting sugars. The air held the whispers of sweet nothings and ethereal breaths of light laughs. The canvas in the sky was streaked with wispy hues of cerulean and warm essences of the sun, mixing in a calm harmony of colors.
You sat there at the perfectly circular solidly white table with your "lovving" boyfriend Eridan, a heated paper coffee cup in your hands. Eridan and you found it rather enjoyable to rest at this quaint, little cafe after the
:iconhomestuck-fanfics:Homestuck-FanFics 385 153



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Emi Kimi
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I happen to have a joy for writing reader inserts.
And I will be writing quite a bit for homestuck, as you can see!
I'm looking forward to posting on this account!
Hey! Hello y'all! How are you guys? It's been waaaaaay too long since I've been on here.

Of course, since it's been months, I've seen all of your guys' comments and favorites and the such. Thank you so much for all of your kind words! Due to my inactivity, I really don't deserve them. Seriously, it makes me so happy to read your comments and see all those little notifications. It warms my little heart more than y'all know. Just, gosh! You people are too sweet. S t o p. (I'm joking. Please don't stop.)

Anyway! What the hell am I doing now and what will I be doing the future? Good question, honestly. I'm on summer break, so I have a lot of time to write. I've been working furiously on my A Born Coward fanfiction. I know I already uploaded it, but I realized how shitty it was and I'm redoing the whole thing. It's emotionally stressful. 

I really would like to continue this account for my readers, because you people are the nicest, most tolerant people, and put up with my inactive bullshit. It's way more than I could ever ask for. So, I'll try to start up again by writing some more reader inserts--but I have no idea what character to write. 

So, I'll list some ideas, and I'd love it if you guys could vote on them for me. How does one week sound? The voting ends on the 19th.

Here's the list of characters:

There you go! I'm trying to broaden my horizons by writing some new characters I'd like to try. So, one vote for person, you have one week. Thank you so much.

Before I go, I'm wondering--for all the updated readers, what do you guys think of the most recent upd8? I'm both overjoyed and furious at the same time. It's horrible. 

Have a nice day, cuties!


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